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How to Draft an Email in Google Docs and Send It to Gmail

Google Workspace (formerly M Suite) is arguably the most tightly integrated office productivity suite available. The services information technology features — Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Form — already interconnect with other apps like Google Meet, Keep, and Drive, and with smart chips, Google Docs at present seamlessly links with Gmail. The update makes the 2 apps more than cohesive, assuasive you to typhoon and ship your emails without leaving Docs.

Smart chips belong to the Google Smart Canvas project, which is Google’s vision for tying all of its Workspace products together. You can access smart chips by just typing @ in Docs. In addition to the new email feature, Google offers chips for rapid formatting and apace attaching files, media, menus, and even calendar events (via Google Weblog). Y’all tin can besides collaborate on your e-mail drafts with other people just like y’all would a regular document. These other users tin make suggestions, comments, or edits without hopping to a different window. Plus, Google Docs’ grammar and spelling checker at present works on Gmail, too.

How to transport a Gmail draft straight from Google Docs

You can typhoon emails within Google Docs, and when you’re ready, you’re given a preview within a pop-up window and the pick to directly send the message (via Google Support).

  1. Create a new Google Docs file (you can use this shortcut to create new documents speedily).

  2. Type @ and select Email Draft from the driblet-down menu. Alternatively, y’all tin navigate to Insert > Building blocks > Email draft.

  3. You’ll be greeted with the standard template for an email.

  4. In the “To” section, you tin can employ @ to add saved people or blazon out their email addresses manually.

  5. Write the subject and e-mail message.

  6. Hitting the blue Gmail icon floating next to the template.

  7. A small pop-upwardly window will load the Gmail Compose panel with the relevant text fields already filled out. If Gmail doesn’t support your Google Docs font, yous might meet a related warning.

  8. You can likewise make boosted formatting changes at this point, attach files, insert signatures, schedule the draft to be sent later, or discard it within the Compose Mail pop-upwards.

  9. Striking send and close the preview window.

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Why yous should draft an email in Google Docs

Google’s powerful AI grammar and spellcheck tools will help you lot write strong, articulate, and mistake-free letters. That may not be a large bargain if you’re sending a straightforward reply or question, but y’all should consider drafting your next important e-mail in Google Docs. Long-form emails sometimes crave outlines, charts or tables, which tin can’t be designed in the Gmail Compose window. You tin can create, integrate, and email those tables, outline menus, and charts directly from Google Docs, saving you the hassle of copying and pasting them dorsum and along.

Google Docs also saves a re-create of the draft; it can be speedily found with search, retrieved, and edited on the fly. The autosave feature should come in handy when sending an email to multiple addresses, as well. Instead of loading a new window for each recipient, you lot tin can simply hit the mail push button side by side to the Gmail template every time. For emails that require blessing or contribution from your team members, turn on the share feature built into Docs (via Google). Y’all can so interact on emails and receive suggestions without leaving the Google Docs window.

How to Draft an Email in Google Docs and Send It to Gmail