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How to Fix the \What Needs Your Attention\” Error on Windows”

Imagine you are upgrading your Windows PC to Windows 10, and while setting upwards, you get “can’t exist upgraded” but “no activeness is needed.”  error, what volition you do? With this notification, Microsoft doesn’t give you a hint of what could be maybe incorrect, unlike the other errors.

This makes you helpless as you tin can’t exercise anything near it. But don’t worry, nosotros have a solution. In this post, we will discuss how to identify and know “What Needs Your Attention” fault which pops up during Windows 10 Setup.

Note: Don’t shut the window, minimize it

“What Needs Your Attention”

Whenever the notification appears, an operating system must provide data related to the mistake. This makes information technology easy to bargain with the error bulletin. Otherwise, the user might exist cluelessly performing deportment and waste material their time.

Microsoft has rolled out Windows ten May 2022 update and many of the users might have encountered, “This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10”

The reason behind this notification could be anything, it could be a software, service or a driver which is non compatible with this new version of Windows 10. As well, it is mentioned, “No action is needed.” Windows Update will show you lot to download this version of Windows ten, once your computer is gear up.

Well, we know that the notification says, No action is needed, simply that doesn’t nosotros volition non do anything, right?

What if we could know which software, service or driver is causing the consequence and resolve it to get Windows Update. However, Microsoft doesn’t tell us which one that is.

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Therefore you need to have accuse and check this for yourselves in log files.

Steps To View Windows Setup Log Files

You can check the log files to view what is causing the trouble. To observe out printing Windows and Due east to get File Explorer and type this path in the accost bar:

C:\$WINDOWS. ~WS\Sources\Panther

Brand certain y’all have checkmarked
Hidden Items
Tab to locate $WINDOWS. ~WS

Windows Setup Log Files

You will get a lot of files in this binder, locate CompatData_ which is of .xml format. You might as well see a couple of files with the same name, then locate the recent one.


Double click the file to open and bank check the contents. It is advised to open the file in Microsoft Edge. And so right click on the file and click
Open with -> Microsoft Edge.

This file tin tell y’all what the reason backside the mistake is, nevertheless, finding for the reason can be tricky.

If your Windows says your Commuter was not in shape to get the update, then navigate to DriverPackages and check whether


Image Credits: How To Geek

If this exists, that means the drivers related to the files are not compatible with Windows new version.

Now you know what is causing the issue, but how to deal with it? The file that you can run into is in .INF format. You demand to match it to a driver to know which driver is the culprit.

To know nearly it, you demand to go to INF files folder. For that, printing Windows and E to get File Explorer and in the accost bar type:

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Locate to observe the inf files that are causing the problem.

Once y’all have located the files, double click on them to open. The files volition open up in Notepad. You tin can come across a description of each file for you to know what information technology is for. This would give you lot a better idea what might be causing the problem.

Now that yous know what is the consequence, let the states know how to fix it?

Once you know that certain drivers are causing the hindrance, you lot can uninstall them.

For that, follow these steps:

Step i:
Type Turn Windows Features On or Off in the search box and press enter.

Step two:
Y’all will get the Windows Features window.

Step 3:
At present locate the drivers and remove the checkmark abreast them and click OK to consummate the activeness.

Don’t worry, this will non permanent, you tin can e’er reinstall them using the same process, afterward the upgrade.

Likewise, if you find any other hardware commuter or app which is causing hindrance in the upgrade, uninstall them till the upgrade.

Once you take eliminated the problem, let’s us resume the upgrade.

  • For that, you demand to press Windows and Eastward cardinal to get File Explorer and type

in the address bar.

  • Locate
    file & delete it.

compatscancache data

In one case deleted, yous can click the Refresh button and continue the installation process.

windows update

In this style, you can get rid of What Needs Your Attending notification and go Windows 10 new May 2022 Update on your computer.

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Well, we know this is a quite a lot of get Windows 10 new upgrade and wouldn’t it be easier if Microsoft itself suggested what is the issue & what to do. Even so,
What needs your attending
is ameliorate than Something happened, which used to pop-upward earlier while installation.

Did it resolve your issue? Please share your experiences and your thoughts related to the issue in the comments section below.

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How to Fix the \What Needs Your Attention\” Error on Windows”