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15 Relaxing Websites to Help When You Feel Overwhelmed

Practise you suddenly feel like you want to cry? Or do you just want to run away?

You might be emotionally overwhelmed.

And yous wouldn’t be the only ane. An American Psychology Association survey says a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happening.

If you’re one of them, don’t ignore it. You wouldn’t want to fire out or accomplish an emotional crisis.

Allow’due south look at things you tin practise when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

17 Things that Help When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

What Does Being Overwhelmed Feels Like?

Getting overwhelmed is not uncommon nowadays. Merely, many people don’t know what they’re feeling. And so, how tin you tell if yous’re feeling overwhelmed?

Y’all might exist overwhelmed if yous:

  • gets hands irritated
  • endeavor to exercise something but end up quitting
  • accept a constant mind tornado going on
  • can’t think or act normally
  • are distracted all time
  • discover yourself constantly zoning out
  • you lot feel similar crying without an obvious reason
  • you have sudden emotional outbursts
woman feeling overwhelmed

Why Do You lot Get Overwhelmed?

Overwhelm is something that happens both occasionally or for a long fourth dimension. The reasons tin vary from person to person, just some common causes can be:

  • excessive workload
  • past trauma
  • stress
  • overthinking
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • human relationship problems
  • bad sleeping habits

What to Do When You lot’re Overwhelmed

ane. Take a Pace Back

When you lot’re feeling overwhelmed, yous must take a break. Drop every possible responsibleness and exercise nothing. It doesn’t have to be for a long fourth dimension, just as long as you can and need.

Taking a break will clear your mind before taking whatever other action. Also, it will prevent a burn-out, which is more difficult to recover from.

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2. Proper name your Feelings

Behind overwhelm, there are more than complex emotions. Take the time to become through. Try to pinpoint what is exactly that is making you overwhelmed. Are you stressed? Are you pitiful? When you proper name everything that you’re feeling, you can act accordingly.

3. Place the Causes

After your mind is articulate, information technology’southward fourth dimension to place the causes for your overwhelm. Cheque out your lifestyle and your work. Answer honestly:

  • Do you have a balance between life and work?
  • Are you lot taking enough costless fourth dimension?
  • Are you doing things that you love?

Identify those things that cause you lot stress and anxiety. Take out any you can cut. Then, piece of work on improving the residuum.

4. Animate Exercises

Breathing exercises are not limited to yoga sessions. They’re helpful if you include them in your daily routine. When y’all’re feeling overwhelmed, breathing exercises tin can help yous with grounding and mindfulness.

Here is a brusk breathing do past Headspace.

5. You’ve Been Hither Before

If a sudden situation overwhelms you, give yourself an of import reminder:

You’ve been here before.

You’ve felt like “information technology was as well much” or like “you couldn’t handle it”. But, you lot pulled through. This doesn’t mean you have to pull through everything every time. It is ok to walk abroad when it’due south necessary.

But, yous just demand a simple reminder. Yous’ve got what information technology takes to bargain with difficult situations.

6. Share the Load

There are occasions when yous’ll feel overwhelmed because you’re trying to do too much at the same fourth dimension. It can happen either with your personal life or your work.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to do too much, then you need to let go of control. Let go of some of those responsibilities and delegate them. Just accept the necessary workload.

Is ok to skip the extra mile occasionally.

when you're feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone

7. Sleep on It

The all-time manner to cool down when yous’re feeling overwhelmed is to sleep. Simple and incredibly effective. Sleeping is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health.

An article from WebMD says:

Some other thing that your brain does while you sleep is procedure your emotions. Your mind needs this fourth dimension in social club to recognize and react the correct way. When y’all cutting that short, you tend to take more negative emotional reactions and fewer positive ones.

8. Practice Gratitude

Different life situations can brand you feel overwhelmed. A change in assistants at piece of work or divorce can overload your mind. Just, at those moments, you must shift your focus.

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Look for things that brand you happy and that you lot’re grateful for. A good way to keep a positive mindset is to keep a gratitude journal.

9. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is hard for everyone. But, when you’re emotionally overwhelmed, your mind is full.

It is all over the past, present, and possible future situations. That tin can be a lot to take. So, basis yourself in the nowadays moment. Alive one day at a time.

Here is a quick mindfulness exercise past Kyra Bobinet on Standford’s Medx:

10. Write Nigh It

Journaling can exist your greatest friend. Using a journal helps you to organize your thoughts while getting them out of your head.

Yous can cull to write morning pages, do a brain dump, or do a mood tracker in a bullet journal. Y’all can read more virtually how to write a periodical here.

xi. Say No

Your feeling of overwhelm tin come from having too much on your plate. That’s when you know:
you need to say no more than often. Yous see, your mind is asking you to accept information technology easy, and you should. Y’all might want to delight everybody, but you lot should put your wellness offset.

12. Self-Care

When was the last time you painted your nails or used a confront sheet mask? Taking intendance of yourself is essential when you’re overwhelmed. It helps you relax and slow downward. Remember virtually how you would care for a kid after a autumn. If you aren’t feeling proficient, treat yourself the same manner.

13. Ready Boundaries

People around you can overwhelm you lot. Or, if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, they can add together to your problem. Information technology tin can be with or without intention. But whatever the case, you need to create boundaries.

If necessary, explain how yous feel to them and take a intermission from them. People who love you or respect you volition understand.

To stop feeling overwhelmed, set boundaries

14. Burn Some Energy

Sometimes, you need to tire the torso to let the heed rest. You can cull to exercise, remodel your house or play with the neighborhood kids. Whatsoever y’all pick, make certain it is something that helps y’all burn energy and that it doesn’t add to your stress.

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15. Unplug from Social Media

Nothing tin can exist more overwhelming than scrolling through the net. Only an hour is more than plenty to submerge you in a pool of worries and problems. If y’all already have also much emotional load, rest from the cyberspace.

sixteen. What Tin can Yous Change?

When y’all’re worried about too many things, inquire yourself: What tin can you do? It will give yous an thought of what’s changeable and what’s not. Focus on the things that you lot tin modify. Ditch the ones you can’t control.

17. Consult a Therapist

Searching the internet for data about your mental wellness is ok. Just, you should know when self-assistance is not enough. If you lot feel overwhelmed for a long time, visit a therapist. They are the all-time prepared to aid you out.

Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

It is Ok

Feeling overwhelmed is ok. It doesn’t mean you’re a broken machine. Information technology’s your listen trying to process everything that is going on. And it’s a signal that yous need to slow down. You lot will and everything volition be ok.

Your Mind is Betraying You

Sometimes, overwhelm is merely your mind betraying you. For instance, you can get the feeling that a job is too much for you when in reality, information technology isn’t. So remind yourself that sometimes you already have what it takes to deal with something.

It is Not New

Overwhelm isn’t probably something new to you. You’ve felt it before, and y’all pulled through. You can do it this time too.

Start Doing

Overwhelm can come from overthinking things. Instead of thinking as well much, accept action. You’ll feel better as yous act on what was worrying you.

The Bottom Line

Every fourth dimension you feel overwhelmed, find the possible reason. Take activity to cope with your emotions. If you keep feeling off, always look for help.

What method do you prefer to cope with overwhelm? Write in the comments below!

15 Relaxing Websites to Help When You Feel Overwhelmed